Who are we?

  • AIPT —American Institute for Professional Tradingis a  private financial education company offering investing and market-trading courses to serious novice and professional investors and traders.Our instructors are all successful professional traders who are devoted to leveling the playing field by teaching true trading knowledge and skills to market participants around the world.



·  Safety over anything else

One of the distinguishing characteristics of AIPT is our sense of discretion and confidentiality.  The safety and security of our students and their information is priority number one.


·  Substantial experience in international stock markets and securities

Our coaches are a group of professional traders with experience ranging from 5-30 years in various financial instruments and stock markets. These traders will combine their personal experience with our exclusive methods and techniques to assure you leave with all the knowledge necessary to become successful on your own.


·  Successful Professionals

Our traders are all successful professionals with a deep understanding of the markets and their movement. They use and teach proven methods that have helped our students become financially independent and successful investors themselves.


·  Flexibility and Professionalism

Our teaching method, specialized training, and professional coaching are all based on a concept of flexibility. We adapt to each student’s specialized need and classes stay small in order to give each student the attention necessary to guarantee their success.


·  Knowledge and self direction- the winning combination

Our goal is for our students to be able to engage in the markets profitably and independently without the help or guidance of a broker or financial advisor.  We focus on knowledge and self direction so you can, on your own, build and supervise your financial portfolios.


Learn to invest like the professionals!