Watch AIPT’s traders in action

Join us for our 3 hour introductory workshop where you will learn about what it takes to become an independent and profitable investor, and why this world is now open to anyone who is ready and willing to receive the knowledge and skills. You will meet our professional traders and watch them trade live in the market with various strategies taught at the workshop itself!


Questions that will be answered during the workshop

  • Why is investing important? At what age should you start investing? Is it ever too late to start?
  • Why is the stock market the best alternative today to increase your income & nest egg?
  • Isn’t it too risky to invest in the market?
  • If the stock market has given the highest returns in the last 100 years, why don’t most people invest in it, or of those who do why do they delegate to a broker?
  • How and where can people get the knowledge to invest in the market on their own?
  • Who is capable of doing this? Is there anything specific people need to have to be able to operate in the market (certain age/certain capital/education level or degree, etc)?
  • There are a lot of courses out there- what makes yours different and better?
  • What advantage is there from learning live from the pros vs. just reading the pro’s books?
  • Can you show actual trades you have made? How did you decide when to go in and out?


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