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Personal Investing and Professional Trading Course


The first thing that you as an investor need is a good education.  Here at AIPT we offer our flagship Personal Investing and Professional Trading Course that will have you, in only 7 days, trading with confidence in the real stock market. 

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Throughout the course, you will learn to recognize and take advantage of methods, strategies and discipline so that you can start your journey into becoming a consistently successful investor and day trader. The first 2 days we focus on basics and theory, but days 3-7 we go right into the action of the live stock market, and we even hand you the keys so you can put into practice all that you have learned.

In only 7 days you will:

1.     Learn and use fundamental stock analysis to find stocks that have significant potential.

2.     Learn and use technical stock analysis to pinpoint optimum entry (buy) and exit (sell) points for these stocks.

3.     Learn and utilize short selling to take advantage of a stock’s downturn

4.     Efficiently and correctly place your orders in the market.

5.     Put sound risk management in place to forever banish catastrophic losses.

6.     Specify  good stop-loss and profit targets

7.     Operate a professional trading platform

8.     Structure a proper diversified and tailor-made portfolio.

9.     Learn how to monitor and maintain your portfolio.

10.  Design proper investment and trading plans.

11.  Trade in the live market with a real AIPT account

12.  Understand how and why psychology can be the most important key to your success as an investor and trader

13.  Learn how to develop the right discipline and mental attitude to engage the markets successfully and consistently.

·  Theory and Practice with Expert Traders

Our number one priority is that our students acquire all the necessary knowledge that will enable each one to securely, confidently, and independently manage their personal investments with the brokerage house of their choice from anywhere in the world!


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